to the
Hashem Family
Jdeidet Marjeyoun


Our Origin

This introduction was prepared and illustrated by our great uncle the
Late Massaad Jeryis Al Hashem and translated from old Arabic notes he prepared during the founding of
"Al Jamiaa Al Hashemiya" in 1944 and were kept with our father the late Yousef Farah Al Hashem.

This family comes down from Hashem Bin Ataba Al Sahabi, who became a Moslem with "Alfath Al Islami".
He followed "Ali" in "Al Qadisiyyah" during the "Persian War" and lived in "Persia".
His Grandson " Hashem Al Ajami" who is the father of our family came to Lebanon and converted to Christianity.
The family took control of parts of Jubeil and Kisserwan.

In 1534 AD, after some battles over power and control, Sheikh Berro Bin Hashem Al Ajami killed the head of
another family and twelve of his followers, he
fled from "Akoura" to "Wadi Al Taym" and settled with "Al Shahabiyeen" as a guest.
Many of his family and relatives followed him and by time they started to work for their host and manage their
land and properties, and proved to be very honest and hard workers.

The family started to grow and spread all over the Marjeyoun Hasbaya region, and settled in many towns and villages,
but the names started to change and called after their fathers, their trades or where they came from.
This is a list of the new families and where they settled:
Qalaani in Kawkaba, Farhat & Abou Samra in Ebl El Saqi, Farhat in Khiyam & Sarada, Abi Fadel in Alkfour,
Oneid in Al Aishiyeh, Kahwagi in Kfarhouna, Sour, Aitaneet, Saghbeen and Khirbet Kanafar, Abi Khaz in Ain Qinyet Banias,
Barakat in Ein Ebel & Rmeish, Estephan in Houche El-Ena’abe, Farhat in Tinbnine, Wakid, Younes, Kanaan, Farhat,
Abi Assaly, Gharib, Nassif and Abi Daher in Beit Lahya, Daher & Najm in Klayaa.
Our Grandfather Barakat Al Hashem who was the first to live in Klayaa.

Hashem Bin Barakat - Mansour, Najm, Mukled, Mhanna
Mhanna Bin Hashem moved to Jdeidet Marjeyoun and was our first grandfather.
Mhanna Bin Hashem - Assaf (Married to Takla Ghanem from Bkasine.)
Assaf Bin Mhanna - Fares, Murkus, Rizk, Maryam, Abdallah, Midlig
Fares Bin Assaf - Assaf, Shukrallah, Lafi
Murkus Bin Assaf - Dawood, Saleem, Maryam
Rizk Bin Assaf - Mhanna, Khalil, Sleiman
Abdallah Bin Assaf - Jiryis, Iskandar, Barakat, Fudha, Zahwa